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145 Av, The good, Casablance

Phone: +124 548 698 254

About Bizness


As a Marketing Consultation firm with well-established selling expertise, we believe that we are best-positioned to meet our clients' requirements. Our unique blend of qualified resources, certified and professional agents, project management expertise, marketing knowledge, and business processes support our competitive position and ensure customer satisfaction.


We are confident in our ability to help our clients achieve its goal to generate new leads for all their products and build a very strong pipeline that maintaining achieving and exceeding all their sales targets.

Our uniqueness 

We have been providing telemarketing services for a range of industries, such as, telecom, information technology, government agencies and debt reduction organizations amongst others. Outsource telemarketing services to Bizness-Calls and benefit from technology-driven services, professional telemarketing team, digital recording, stringent quality control processes and customized productivity reports.

Our professional offshore telemarketing team can handle any call. Each of our telemarketing call center executives are well-trained in sales and answer calls efficiently, proficiently and professionally. We provide best-of-breed services at a cost-effective price. Outsource telemarketing services to Bizness-Calls and experience an increase in sales.

Our competent approach can effectively increase your sales. We have the knowledge, expertise and skills to provide world-class outbound telemarketing services. Outsource outbound telemarketing services to Bizness-Calls and get access to professional services at a competitive price.

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